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Extraordinary Staffing Employees

Here is a look at the real faces of the staffing and recruiting industry. More than 3 million temporary and contract employees report for work every week in America’s offices, factories, health care facilities, warehouses, and other job sites—wherever there’s important work to be done, temporary and contract employees are on the job. Here are the stories of some of these extraordinary employees.

2023 National Staffing Employee of the Year Dr. Miechia Esco

Professional‒Managerial Sector All-Star

Miechia Esco, MD, a vascular surgeon, looked to staffing to help her regain her passion for medicine. Starting to feel detached from the communities she served, she connected with a recruiter and agreed to embark on a locum tenens contract. Her subsequent newfound ability to choose when and where she wants to work has reinvigorated her love of medicine, allowing her to travel to underserved communities where she is most needed. Practicing locum tenens medicine also gives Esco greater flexibility in how she spends her time outside the hospital, allowing her to become a certified yoga teacher and a world traveler who’s even conquered Mount Kilimanjaro.

2020 National Staffing Employee of the Year Will Bennett

Professional‒Managerial Sector All-Star

As a member of a pro sports leadership team, Bennett worked exceedingly long hours. He connected with Portfolio Creative for an opportunity with greater flexibility to spend time with family, and landed a contract graphic designer role. He was promoted to a contract associate creative director position and later bridged to a permanent role with the client. Working with a staffing agency gave Bennett desired work-life balance.

2019 National Staffing Employee of the Year Violeta “Shaya” De Oleo Medina

Office‒Clerical & Administrative Sector All-Star

After De Oleo Medina immigrated to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic, she quickly taught herself English by watching Netflix programs, and then began looking for work. RemX placed her on assignment with a client as a temporary call center employee. She thrived there and was quickly offered a permanent job as a bilingual call center representative.

Matthew Brennan

Engineering, IT, & Scientific Sector All-Star

Rangam Consultants placed Brennan on assignment at Comcast’s Cherry Hill, NJ, office as a temporary quality assurance tester and he bridged to a permanent role as an IT analyst. Brennan is on the autism spectrum and his story is an example of how a company can successfully expand diversity and inclusion in the workforce.

Angie and Jamie Harmon

Health Care Sector All-Stars

The unthinkable—the murder of their daughter—led the Harmons to travel nursing. Following the tragedy, Jamie signed on with OR Nurses Nationwide. This was a life-improving decision and he encouraged his wife to travel with him so they could work as emergency room nurses together. They are the first co-honorees in the award program’s history.

Jalyn Anderson

Industrial Sector All-Star

Unsure of what she wanted to do after high school, Anderson connected with Integrity Staffing Solutions for temporary work. She was placed as an entry-level associate at a client fulfillment center where she was able to grow professionally in different roles. Integrity then offered, and Anderson accepted, a corporate position as a shift manager.

Nicolae Boariu

Professional‒Managerial Sector All-Star

After a 30-year career in law enforcement, Boariu still wanted to meaningfully serve his community in a role with flexibility to spend time with family and pursue other interests. He is now a substitute teacher with Kelly Educational Staffing at an elementary school, where his students fondly call him “Mr. B.”

2018 National Staffing Employee of the Year Brittney Bourgeois

Health Care Sector All-Star

Bourgeois works with children as a speech language pathologist through her staffing agency, Supplemental Health Care. Due to the flexibility that staffing offers, Bourgeois can ensure that her young family comes first, while also meeting the needs of her students—all between the ages of three and seven.

Fawaz Joseph

Engineering, IT, & Scientific Sector All-Star

Joseph immigrated to the U.S. from Nigeria at the age of 12. After he earned a computer science degree, his staffing agency, ettain group, placed him on assignment with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority as a development tools engineer. Joseph thrived at FINRA and bridged to a permanent position during his second assignment.

Tayvon Snowden

Industrial Sector All-Star

Snowden is a temporary employee of Delta Global Services on assignment with New South/McCarthy Synergy Cargo at Hartsfield‒Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Snowden’s interest in aviation was piqued at the age of 12. The flexibility that staffing provides allows him to pursue his dream of becoming a commercial pilot.

Ken Martin

Professional–Managerial Sector All-Star

Martin, a brand manager, began working as a contract employee with LaSalle Network when his previous position was eliminated after a company restructuring. He was interested in staffing for the flexibility to allow him to have more control over his schedule and a better work‒life balance. Since making the switch to contract work, Martin has been able to find the challenging work he wants and dedicate time to his passions that include restoring historical houses.

2017 National Staffing Employee of the Year Wendy Hobbie

Industrial Sector All-Star

Hobbie moved to New York City in 2008 to pursue her dreams of becoming a professional dancer and actor. The flexibility that staffing offers allows her to audition, perform, and teach dance to deaf children at the Lexington School for the Deaf.

Sharon DeWitt

Engineering, IT, & Scientific Sector All-Star

Dewitt, a contract program manager focused on enterprise process transformation, values the flexibility of working through a staffing firm. Staffing allows her to lead pro bono IT projects for several charitable organizations in the Chicago metro area.

Brenda Riser

Health Care Sector All-Star

Riser, a pharmacist, has worked on over 500 assignments during her 13-year tenure with her staffing company. As a single mom, she chose a career in contract work because the flexibility it affords allows her to enjoy extra time with her daughter and mother.

Dominic Berrini

Office–Clerical and Administrative Sector All-Star

After graduating from college and realizing that a career in teaching wasn’t what he expected, Berrini turned to staffing for work. He was placed in a variety of temporary assignments, and bridged to a permanent job at Burton—a worldwide manufacturer of snowboards, bindings, boots, outerwear, and accessories—in Burlington, VT.

Jeffrey Burt

Professional–Managerial Sector All-Star

Burt is a senior art director on contract with Bank of America in Wilmington, DE. He enjoys the flexibility that staffing offers to freelance, travel, read, spend time with family, and pursue creative interests.

2016 National Staffing Employee of the Year Ben Keen

Engineering, IT, and Scientific Sector All-Star

When Keen returned from serving in the Iraq War, he struggled with transitioning to civilian life and entering the workforce. Today he’s found his stride as a contract employee in the IT sector and as an advocate for veterans.

Brandon Shingles

Industrial Sector All-Star

Shingles loves playing professional basketball in Germany. In the off-season he comes home to Kentucky, where he values the flexibility temporary work assignments provide him.

Jonathan Morales

Office–Clerical and Administrative Sector All-Star

Morales achieved his dream job in the technology and gaming field by working closely with a staffing firm recruiter, who helped him bridge from a temporary assignment to a permanent full-time position with Nintendo.

Cynthia Nichols

Professional–Managerial Sector All-Star

Nichols earned a Ph.D. in her field and now is a professor at Oklahoma State’s School of Media and Strategic Communications. She pursued flexible temporary work between semesters, which helped her pay back student loans.

Extraordinary Staffing Employees

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