Staffing World

Staffing World 2020 is going virtual, Oct. 19–22. This is not another Zoom call or prerecorded virtual event! Once we realized that we couldn’t be together in Nashville, we went full tilt on engineering a platform like you’ve never seen before. Reserve and create your state-of-the-art exhibit booth at this year’s ASA convention and expo.

2020 Rates Basic Upgraded Premium
Associate member $4,000 $5,775 $10,000
Nonmember $5,500 $7,980 $13,800

In order to qualify for member rates, the applicant must be an associate member in good standing with ASA upon receipt of application. Associate membership annual fee is $895. There is a $150 application fee for new associate members.

Find Out More and Book Your Virtual Booth

  1. Watch the exhibit hall demo. See how your booth will work and start planning for the most valuable event your company will experience all year.
  2. Review your booth options and corresponding benefits.
  3. Fill out the booth contract. Return it to ASA as soon as you can. Our expo hall is filling up.

Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will the Staffing World virtual event take place?

    The virtual event will take place Oct. 19–22. Stay tuned for more details about our agenda.


     How will Staffing World 2020 be different from other virtual shows?

    This year at Staffing World, your company will have an amazing and immersive experience by

    • Connecting with attendees in real time in a branded, interactive 3D booth
    • Talking with potential buyers by video if you choose
    • Engaging in real-time conversations throughout the expo or in session rooms
    • Customizing avatars for your booth staff, if you choose
    • Implementing lead generation strategies on the virtual reality platform


    What are the expo hours?

    TBD. Stay tuned!


     What is the expected attendance for Staffing World 2020?

    We are revving up for the virtual show and just opened registration for attendees. Stay tuned!

  • What are the booth options for Staffing World?

    ASA is offering 3 booth packages to pick from. Click here to learn more.


     How can exhibitors interact with attendees?

    The platform will allow for real-time, interactive, visual and audio conversations (i.e., not merely text conversations).


     What kind of content can I put in my virtual booth?

    You can upload videos, PDF, website, etc. There are 3 different booth packages to pick from and each package has a certain allotment of hot spots for content.

    • Basic = 3 hot spots for content
    • Upgraded = 7 hot spots for content
    • Premium = 10 hot spots for content


    Can you stream a video in the booth continuously or is it viewed per attendee?

    The video is viewed per attendee. They will have the option to start and stop the video.


     Who will help me build out my booth?

    ASA and our event production partner T!LT ( will guide you on the content specifications for your virtual booth. The T!LT team will review the booth look and functionality with you before show time.


     Do attendees/users have to be in your booth to talk to them?

    Yes, they have to be in your booth or within close proximity for you to audibly talk to them.


     Is there any incentive for attendees to visit booths?

    ASA is still brainstorming ways to get people into the hall. As a preview, here are some that are in the works:

    • Prize or SWAG Program: this will be based on a point system where attendees get points for engaging with exhibitors. They can use the points for discounts on ASA events, additional content, prize entries, etc.
    • Matchmaking: attendees are asked multiple questions during registration to help determine what categories people are interested in learning about.
    • Scavenger Hunt: details are TBD.


     What sponsorships are available?

    Looking to elevate your brand with more than a booth package? Staffing World 2020 can offer custom sponsorship opportunities including networking rooms and more. Please inquire to k******* / s****** to learn more.


    What are the costs for registration?

    There are 3 different booth packages to pick from and each package has a certain allotment of complimentary registrations.

    • Basic = 2 comp registrations + 1 booth only
    • Upgraded = 4 comp registrations + 1 booth only
    • Premium = 8 comp registrations + 1 booth only

    After that, there is a tiered rate for additional registrations.


    Will you have an answer about location before we need to commit?

    Details about booth locations will not be finalized until after the deadline to make it in the Advance Program (August 14). ASA will reach out about booth locations sometime after that.


     Are there any plans to provide another update once more development on the features for the virtual exhibit are available, aside from a few days before the event occurs?

    Construction on the platform will continue up to show time. Once your booth is confirmed, the construction your booth can start. If any new features are made available for exhibitors, communications will be sent out.

  • Will there be a scheduling feature?



    Can I customize my own avatar?

    Yes—there will be options to customize your avatar’s look. Stay tuned!


     How do you talk with someone 1-on-1?

    There will be options to start private conversations with attendees who are at your booth. ASA will host an orientation to help users prepare for virtual Staffing World.


    I have a super old computer. Will that affect my experience?

    Virtual Staffing World should work on any computer you use to conduct business that has an up to date web browser.  You can also participate using a phone or tablet.


     What are the plans if the environment crashes? Or has display glitches?

    There will be contingency plan in place.