Sponsorship Benefits

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Premier Level
(Over $15,000)
Signature Level
 Select Level
(under $10,000)
Full-page ad in the Advance and On-Site programs
Three exhibitor registrations
Premium listing on ASA online suppliers directory
Two invitations to chairman’s reception
Mobile app “Buzz”
Half-page ad in Advance and On-Site programs
Two exhibitor registrations
Upgraded listing on ASA online suppliers directory
Logo recognition in board of directors briefing book
Logo recognition in Advance and On-Site programs
Recognition in material related to sponsorship
Text recognition in On-Site programs
Recognition on Staffing World website
Preshow and postshow mailing lists
Recognition in Staffing Success and Staffing Today

Note: Select, Signature, and Premier packages are not cumulative. Specific sponsorship benefits and fees may be subject to change and are detailed in a separate agreement; some benefits require additional forms. Benefits fulfillment subject to applicable deadlines.