ASA How-To Webinar Series, Session 3: Open vs. Closed FloorplansM


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Companies have choices when setting up their employee workstations—open floorplan, or closed? Each choice offers advantages and disadvantages, for the business’s bottom line and for the employees themselves. If your firm is looking at its workspace environment, you’ll need to know what questions to consider.

In this 30-minute how-to webinar session, Jim Essey of the TemPositions Group of Cos. and Catherine Lang-Cline of Portfolio Creative will share insights from their experiences with open and closed floorplans.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How an office’s floorplan affects its culture and vice versa
  • What the benefits and pitfalls are of open and closed floorplans
  • Which floorplan best suits a specific company’s needs


Jim Essey, president and chief execuive officer, The TemPositions Group of Cos.
Catherine Lang-Cline, CSP, president, Portfolio Creative

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