Background Screening for Staffing: Is Your Firm Compliant?M



Debra Keller of Reference Services returns to address questions submitted after her popular ASA webinar “Background Screening Pitfalls: Ban the Box Laws, Assessments, and Compliance Traps.” She will cover such topics as negligent hiring liability and litigation, when to run the background check in the employment process, whether firms can release background check results, the adverse action process, and more. Keller will help you understand state and federal reporting restrictions, and best practices for the consideration of criminal records.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • Which screening topics staffing professionals are most concerned about
  • What compliance traps affect the staffing industry
  • When an employer might face liability for negligent hiring, and what that means in a co-employment relationship
  • How to navigate the adverse action process


Debra Keller, vice president of operations, Reference Services

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