Cutting Costs: Winning Workers’ Compensation StrategiesM


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Workers’ compensation costs are among the largest expense for many companies. The process of managing workers’ compensation costs can be tricky, especially for companies in the staffing industry. Workers’ compensation costs are affected by many decisions, from whether to accept a new client account to determining how active to be in responding to and managing workers’ compensation claims. Understanding how each decision affects workers’ compensation costs is paramount to reducing costs and making more profitable business decisions.

In this webinar, Robert Sanders of Taylor English Duma LLP will explain the key drivers of your workers’ compensation costs and discuss strategies to reduce those costs while avoiding unexpected costs that may arise from final premium audits, indemnification clauses in contracts, and uninsurable claims.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How workers’ compensation premiums are calculated
  • What decisions increase or reduce workers’ compensation costs—and how to make the right decisions
  • Best practices when responding to, investigating, and managing workers’ compensation claims
  • How to plan for and avoid hidden workers’ compensation costs that arise from agreements with clients, uninsurable claims, and final premium audits


Robert Sanders

Robert Sanders

Partner, Taylor English

Sanders is a partner at Taylor English Duma LLP. He helps companies across the country understand legal risks and strategies to avoid claims, empowering them to make confident, business-minded employment decisions. He routinely counsels employers on best practices in handling employee discipline and discharge, leave and accommodation, discrimination and harassment, wage and hour, worker safety, noncompete, and other issues.

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