Deal or No Deal: Stop Guessing and Start ClosingM



Have you ever extended a job offer to your candidate and felt like you were suddenly in the middle of a TV game show? Even the most experienced recruiters can feel like they are playing a game of chance when it comes to presenting a client’s job offer and seeing if the candidate accepts it. This session is packed with new, tactical, and refreshing content that will help you finally stop guessing and start closing more placements.

During this ASA webinar, attendees will learn

  • Which pre-closing areas they must cover prior to formulating an offer
  • Detailed scripts about compensation to use when pre-closing candidates
  • How to avoid the dreaded “let me think about it” response from candidates
  • Specific closing techniques relevant to the process of presenting a job offer and getting the candidate to accept it
  • How to coach candidates through the resignation and transition process effectively


Karen Schmidt, managing partner, training and development, Next Level Exchange

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