Delivering Tough News to Applicants, Employees, and CustomersM



Get guidance on handling various situations that you may encounter with an applicant, employee, or customer where the conversation can be challenging or uncomfortable.

Does your firm have internal staff members who need an attitude refresh?

Have you ever told a candidate that a certain assignment just didn’t pan out when in fact he or she was unqualified?

Delivering bad news is not easy, but when done properly and with a solution in mind it can give individuals the tools they need to improve in the workplace.

During this ASA webinar, attendees will

  • Learn how to approach delicate topics with internal employees and candidates.
  • Find out how to turn potentially negative feedback into powerful knowledge that pushes employees and candidates to be more productive and positive in the workplace.


Mary Lucas, chief resource officer, Staffmark
Emily Giltner, CSP, CSC, vice president of operations, Staffmark
Fran Cobb, CSP, national director, learning and development, Staffmark

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