Emerging Talent Acquisition Technologies and the Business Opportunities They GenerateM



The talent acquisition and staffing technology market currently has a value of $87 billion—and it’s projected to reach $154 billion by the end of 2027. Forward-thinking companies that engage with emerging solutions and technologies now will have a competitive advantage moving forward. In this targeted, 30-minute presentation, Brian Delle Donne and Jonathan Kestenbaum of Talent Tech Labs identify the top emerging talent acquisition technology solutions and the corresponding business opportunities staffing companies can take advantage of to improve operations, increase margins, acquire talent, and drive market share in an ever-changing digital marketplace.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • Which recruitment marketplaces and platforms can be used to extend your companies capabilities beyond your core recruiting focus
  • How to maximize candidate databases and rapidly source new candidates by leveraging social tools and platforms
  • How to take advantage of matching technology solutions to drive more effective submissions and improve recruiter efficiencies
  • What interview management systems facilitate the interview process through automated scheduling and interviewing
  • What game-based skill assessments and platforms help companies make better-informed hiring decisions
  • How to use temporary labor marketplaces to compete with lower-cost, fully digital marketplace

As part of the association’s strategic plan, ASA has engaged with Talent Tech Labs, an organization that engages in investigation, research, validation, and acceleration of talent acquisition and other technologies relevant to the staffing and recruiting industry. This ASA webinar is part of an ongoing series of targeted technology content published in the ASA Staffing Tech Center and Staffing Success magazine for ASA members.


Brian Delle Donne, president, Talent Tech Labs
Jonathan Kestenbaum, managing director, Talent Tech Labs

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