Leadership Legacies—Identify Your Greatest Opportunities During a Time of UncertaintyM



Many leaders have showed their greatest strength, creativity, empathy, and—most important—their vision under difficult circumstances.

During these unprecedented times, what will be your leadership legacy? How will your team describe your approach, intentions, and the impression you’ve made on them during this crisis and beyond? During this session, staffing industry insider John Klymshyn will offer tools to motivate an internal team and maintain an enthusiastic, focused, mindset during this uncertainty.

Klymshyn will provide you with a 15-minute exercise to complete after the session, that will help aid you in objectively assessing your team.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • The language of great leaders
  • The distinction between inspiration and motivation
  • How to effectively inspire your team and, especially, your producers


John Klymshyn, coach and trainer, The Business Generator Inc.

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