The Benefits of Microlearning for Staffing Sales Professionals



The environment during the past two years has led some employers to move from traditional on-site training to blended learning programs. The challenge is how to increase retention of the information covered in these learning programs. Research suggests the human mind can only hold five to nine pieces of information in short-term memory at a time. Microlearning and spaced repetition flatten the learning curve, ensuring the information is not quickly forgotten, by building a habit of learning.

Join Jeannie Bastos of Butler Street, an expert in consulting and training development programs designed specifically for the staffing industry, and learn how to use technology, training, and microlearning to engage your team, establish a growth mindset, and improve your business results.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • What has changed in the workplace and in learning dynamics
  • How microlearning is different from other educational formats and how it can be used in the staffing industry
  • Ways to incorporate microlearning into a company’s learning strategy


Jeannie BastosJeannie Bastos

Jeannie Bastos, vice president of operations, Butler Street

Jeannie Bastos leads content and tool development, e-learning solutions, project management and research that helps customers and staff grow. With more than 20 years’ experience in the staffing industry, her expertise guides clients in operational, software product and project management.

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