Marketing Using the MPC CallM


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What distinguishes the most “placeable” candidates? They’re the ones who are always appealing to hiring managers, regardless of whether they have hiring needs. An MPC must be quantifiably better than the other candidates. These candidates must possess marketable, in-demand skills; be realistic about their job search criteria, including position, title, location, compensation, and benefits; be available for interviews within a reasonable timeframe and motivated to start a new position; provide viable, work-related references that can be checked prior to commencing activity; and willingly support a recruiter’s marketing efforts on their behalf. The most successful recruiters can take MPCs take to market and even generate job orders that way.

During this webinar, attendees will

  • When a candidate is a most placeable candidate
  • How to take a good candidate to market using the MPC as a marketing tool
  • The difference between targeted and generic MPCs
  • Techniques for developing marketing targets
  • How to develop MPC scripts


John Ruffini, vice president, sales, Jackson Nurse Professionals

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