Preventing and Handling Harassment Claims in Accordance With EEOC GuidanceM


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In this valuable session, Lia Elliott, co-managing partner of Staffing GC, will review and discuss critical steps for staffing agencies to take to prevent harassment in the workplace. She also will discuss how staffing agencies must handle harassment complaints to better position themselves to build a positive company culture, attract and retain talent, and defend against formal U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission charges and lawsuits when necessary.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • Proactive mechanisms for immediate implementation to minimize risk associated with harassment in the workplace
  • The various types of liability (including vicarious liability) employers face for supervisor level harassment, quid pro quo, and hostile working environments
  • The considerations and obligations when the harassment occurs at a client site and/or comes from a client employee
  • How the EEOC may second-guess an employer’s policies, practices, and specific handling of an EEOC charge alleging unlawful harassment


Lia ElliottLia Elliott, Esq.

Managing partner, Staffing GC

Elliott is an attorney and c-suite adviser with more than 20 years of executive and legal experience in the workforce solutions and staffing industry. Her diverse experience in both the practice of law and executive management offers unique value-added legal solutions to her clients.

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