Prospecting With LinkedInM



LinkedIn is more than a social media site. Business professionals can use LinkedIn to help them grow their business.

In this webinar, Teddy Burriss will share tips for using LinkedIn as a business tool. Burriss will explain the whys and hows of using the many different areas of LinkedIn to create real business value.

In this webinar attendees, will learn

  • Why LinkedIn is a powerful business tool
  • Which four areas of LinkedIn can provide real value for businesses that invest time and effort into them
  • How to maximize the power of LinkedIn Search tools
  • How to create powerful search strings and save searches
  • What you can do with the fabulous right click
  • How to connect with people on LinkedIn in a meaningful way
  • How to search, connect, engage, and develop relationships using LinkedIn


Teddy Burriss, LinkedIn coach, Burriss Consulting Inc.

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