Revive Dormant Deals With Zombie RecruitingM



Just because a client or candidate “ghosts” you doesn’t mean that deal is dead. There may be an opportunity for you to resurrect a dying deal as a “zombie” recruiter. Emotional intelligence tools can help you understand the hidden drivers for clients’ and candidates’ decisions—and then address their concerns so you can close more deals.

In this interactive session, Patricia Conlin of Global Consulting Group will share easy-to-implement, practical tips for connecting with candidates and clients, recognizing politically charged situations, and rebuilding broken relationships.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • What a zombie recruiter is, and how zombie recruiting can help you resurrect dead deals
  • The hidden power of nonverbal communication
  • How to avoid losing star candidates
  • When to walk away from a dying deal instead of reviving it


Patricia (Tish) Conlin, HBA, RHN, president, speaker, author, and trainer, Global Consulting Group

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