Think Like a Developer Tech Series, Part I: The Software Development Life Cycle


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Recruiting for technical candidates is so awkward at this point it’s cliché. Many recruiters just don’t know enough about what technical candidates do. A lot of energy is spent bluffing and trying to figure it out in these conversations, which causes candidates to lose trust in the recruiters.
You want to engage with these candidates, but you don’t speak their language.

In this session, Recruiting Innovation founder Alison Daley will introduce you to the five-step process that all developers follow when developing software. You’ll learn the foundations of software development and the key terms you need to know to have engaging conversations with technical professionals. You can then combine this knowledge with a tech tool kit that you can rely on to provide the structure, and follow-up questions, you need to hold credible—and even fun—technical interviews.

This is the first webinar in a series meant to help technical recruiters relate to candidates. Once you’ve gained a basic understanding of how technical talent thinks, you can adapt those methods for recruiting those candidates, leveraging the tools of the software development life cycle in your technical recruiting process.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How to use journey maps and contextual interviews
  • How to create a framework for learning about new roles
  • How to facilitate engaging conversations with technical clients and candidates


Alison Daley, founder and chief executive officer, Recruiting Innovation

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