Top Prospecting Techniques to Book More Sales MeetingsM


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All staffing and recruiting industry sales professionals share one common goal: to book sales meetings with new prospects. Yet in one study, 73% of 150 industry chief executive officers said their inability to book meetings with new prospects is a top barrier to achieving their growth objectives. And only 19% of corporate buyers believe their time spent with salespeople is valuable and lives up to their expectations, according to Forrester Research. So where is the disconnect?

Join Dan Fisher, founder of Menemsha Group, as he shares the underlying knowledge and skills that sellers must possess in order to execute winning prospecting techniques and consistently book new sales meetings. He will demonstrate how to engage prospects in the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey (when they are not actively looking to hire or buy) and how to align your messaging with your prospects.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How to apply prospecting techniques in a context relevant to the buyer to create a memorable and engaging customer experience
  • What prospects must hear in your value proposition to consider taking your meeting
  • How to sell prospects on the value of meeting with you


Dan Fisher

Dan Fisher

Founder, Menemsha Group

Fisher is responsible for the day-to-day leadership of Menemsha Group and has been instrumental in the successful transition of the company from a founder-driven, services-only business to a software as a service-based sales enablement solutions provider. He has personally consulted with more than 400 staffing and recruiting agencies and trained and coached thousands of sales reps and recruiters while implementing scalable, repeatable processes to support successful change management initiatives.

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