Understanding How Hospital Clients Are Affected by Patient Readmission RatesM


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Since 2012, hospitals have been financially penalized when patients with particular diagnoses are readmitted within 30 days of being discharged from hospital care. Hear from Barbara McCann, chief industry officer at Interim Healthcare, as she reviews elements of bedside care that directly affect patients at risk for readmission. McCann will review tips that you can use with your temporary and contract staff to bring more value to hospitals by reducing readmissions.

During this webinar you will

  • Find out what penalties are assessed against hospitals for readmissions of patients within 30 days
  • Learn the specific diagnoses targeted by Medicare and what your staff can ask about hospital efforts to treat these patients
  • Get tips for coaching temporary and contract staff to provide care for hospital clients that can reduce patient readmissions


Barbara McCann, chief industry officer, Interim Healthcare

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