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About Traitify

The Traitify solution is used in three main cases, firstly to help college students discover their potential career paths, secondly to help unemployed and disenfranchised individuals discover jobs they might be able to do and finally for recruitment at corporations. Traitify is a behavioral assessment based on the Big-5 personality trait framework. Traitify includes job-specific benchmarking, personality benchmarking for fit scoring and content guides for interviews, and communications.

Why We're Different
The common methodology of administering a personality test based on the big 5 is to provide the user with a sentence and then have them rank, on a scale of one to five, of how accurately that sentence describes them. Traitify uses the same framework, but instead of a sentence, the user sees an image and two options, either it is “me” or “not me.” This is a unique adaptation of the classic behavioral assessment and the binary nature of the questions and use of images mean that the assessment will be much quicker than the traditional format
Revenue Model
Traitify prices their solution on an annual license based on the volume of applicants put through the assessment. The price ranges from $1 - $5 per candidate depending on volume with heavy discounts being applied at higher levels of volume.
Size of Business Served
Small Enterprises
Staffing Verticals Served
No specific verticals
Perm, Temp or Contract
Client Highlights
Deloitte, EY, Lowes Food, and Coca Cola
Baltimore, MD
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