Indemnification and Other Contractual Issues in Health Care Staffing AgreementsM


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Many staffing firms—especially health care staffing firms—face an ongoing issue: clients proposing contracts that include overly broad indemnification clauses. During this webinar, veteran staffing firm lawyers Jonathan D. Kukulski of Health Carousel LLC and Thomas Kernan, CHP, of Stat Staff Professionals will explain how they negotiate these problematic clauses—and how they handle other thorny contractual issues such as conversion fees and managed service provider arrangements.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • Which specific clauses are most likely to cause problems for staffing firms
  • How to avoid broad indemnification language in client contracts and why you should edit contract language before signing an agreement
  • How to overcome objections from clients
  • How to explain the joint employer relationship to clients


Jonathan D. Kukulski, general counsel and vice president of business development, Health Carousel LLC
Thomas Kernan, CHP, vice president and general counsel, Stat Staff Professionals

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