Legal Issues for Employers in Disaster Recovery OperationsM



Following the destruction of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria, many employers will be involved in relief, recovery, and rebuilding operations across the affected regions. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has announced a plan to send compliance officers to the affected areas to ensure that employees are protected against the many safety and health hazards they will face.

This webinar will identify safety and health issues common during relief and recovery operations and will provide key best practices to limit employee exposure to hazards, injuries, illnesses, and liability.

  • What OSHA regulations apply to post-accident relief, response, and recovery operations
  • Which general duty clause liabilities employers may face for exposing employees to heat, waterborne contaminants, mold, and other hazards
  • The precautions employers must take to prevent injuries and illnesses
  • Personal protective equipment employers must provide for employees
  • What training employers must give employees about their potential exposure to physical and chemical hazards
  • Warnings employees must be given prior to their work
  • How employers should handle whistleblower claims and employee refusals to work


Mark A Lies II, Esq., partner, Seyfarth Shaw LLC

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