Classical Sales: Probing, Closing, and Overcoming Objections



Join staffing sales trainer Scott Love in this five-part webinar series brought to you exclusively by the American Staffing Association.

During this ASA webinar series, attendees will learn

  • An integrated systematic and replicable process of selling staffing services based on years of research
  • How to remove the mystery of overcoming objections, negotiating rates, and building trust with high-level prospects
  • How to use easy tools, systems, and formulas to remove nearly any obstacle to closing more sales
  • How to overcome call reluctance, phone fear, and the jitters about meeting with prospects

Attendees will learn

  • Endear themselves to decision makers by giving them control or by yielding control
  • Sift for intrinsic desires, hot buttons, and emotional buying motives of prospects
  • Lead the prospect to close the sale
  • Tie down the sale and keep it closed
  • Use ‘Socratic Selling’ to build trust and make more sales


Scott Love, Scott Love Associates

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