Secrets to a Successful Staffing Start-UpM


Staffing is an extremely competitive industry. Many firms pitch the same services. How does a new staffing firm stand out from the crowd? What is going to make your firm unique? Why should someone want to give your firm a try? How does your firm start from scratch? This ASA webinar will provide the basics of starting and building a successful staffing firm full of driven employees who will grow your business for years to come.

This session will provide a framework for success that will differentiate you from your competitors and help you build a long-term sustainable practice.

During this ASA webinar, attendees will

  • Learn how to position your firm as the staffing firm of choice for clients and talent through strategic branding
  • Discover how to attract, hire, and retain exceptional employees who will drive your business forward
  • Understand the power of talent and why it should be your primary focus
  • Understand the operational requirements to start a successful staffing firm


Steve Potestio, Mathys & Potestio


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