Staffing Finance 101—The Building BlocksM



You love your career in staffing. You are well versed in the art of recruiting; you are good at finding new business. The next step in your career is to understand the impact of what you do on the financial results of the business. This webinar will provide you with basic building blocks to help demystify some of the concepts utilized daily in the industry. It will look at the components of an income statement such as revenues, cost of goods sold, gross margin, and net profit—and help you understand the impact your daily decisions can make on the financial results of your company.

During this ASA webinar, attendees will learn about

  • How financial statements provide a scorecard to measure efforts against
  • The difference in staffing placement hourly pay versus a direct hire placement fee
  • How timing might impact the “score” on the income statement
  • Different approaches to billing a customer, such as cost +, flat hourly rate
  • The cost of a full-time employee
  • How the gross margin is different than markup and why it is important
  • Corporate expenses and getting to net profit
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