Transform Your Culture, Accelerate Your PerformanceM



Organizational culture often develops accidentally—a “culture by default.” But companies that are successful and progressive often exhibit a corporate culture that was conscientiously developed— “culture by design.” Enhancing your firm’s corporate culture—especially if you’re trying to improve a culture that developed by default—may require a stated commitment from top leadership, a vision statement, a mission statement, and a thorough understanding of core values. In the first webinar of this two-part series, you will see the advantages of a work environment built on a foundation of behaviors, not values—as well as steps for teaching those behaviors to your teams.

  • What the financial and strategic costs of a culture by default are
  • What the financial and strategic benefits of a culture by design are
  • What the eight-step fundamental system is and how it can improve your firm’s bottom line


Brett Morris, senior management consultant, Momentum Consulting

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