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    In this ASAPro webinar, attorney Mike Rode will show you the steps for creating guaranteed and enforceable recruiting agreements with your clients. Learn how to negotiate problematic terms often contained in your clients’ recruiting agreements. This ASAPro webinar will expand on the key issues discussed in the 2013 Staffing Law Conference session “Direct Hire Contracts—Collecting… More ›

    1.0 Legal CE Jun 20, 2013
    Topics: Recruiting & Retention of Field Talent
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    Who Should Attend All staffing professionals who are responsible for their firms’ marketing functions. Highlights Renowned branding consultant and highly rated Staffing World® 2012 keynote speaker Simon Mainwaring will share strategies staffing firms can use to reach more clients and convert them into loyal brand evangelists. By the end of this ASAPro Webinar, you will… More ›

    1.0 Passive CE Hours Jan 22, 2013
    Topics: Social Media
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    This ASAPro webinar delivers strategies for constructing a simple yet effective disaster recovery plan to help protect your organization. Participants receive disaster recovery plan templates to use in constructing a plan specifically tailored to their individual business needs. This is a can’t-miss webinar for any staffing firm management team member. Attachment Handouts: How to Design… More ›

    1 passive CE hour Feb 21, 2013
    Topics: Organizational Development/ Design & Scaling
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    In this ASAPro webinar, operational improvement experts share seven key factors that affect a staffing firm’s value. Participants will learn The What, When and How of Maximizing their firm’s value. Attendees will learn what needs to be done, and how and when to do it, to achieve the result of increasing the value of their… More ›

    1.0 Passive CE Jul 25, 2013
    Topics: Business Management & Administration
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    This ASAPro webinar will show you why teamwork and good communication are essential for a staffing firm to be able to recruit candidates, sell to prospects, and serve clients. Nothing can make those three actions come to a screeching halt faster than drama in the office. Drama, which distracts employees from their everyday work and… More ›

    1 passive CE hour Feb 28, 2013
    Topics: Employee Engagement & Retention
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    In this ASAPro webinar, an expert on intellectual property, data privacy, and security will delve into the legal ramifications of transferring data—including sensitive candidate information—across multinational operations. Attachment HandoutsMarch28.pdf pdf 362 kB More ›

    1 legal CE hour Mar 28, 2013
    Topics: Big Data/ Business Intelligence/ Market Information
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    Keeping your company website up-to-date and relevant to your services is more important than you might think. Posting unrealistic guarantees on your company’s website jeopardizes your chances of receiving liability coverage from insurance companies. This webinar will help you assess whether your website differentiates your company from your competitors in an effective and valid way…. More ›

    1.0 Passive CE May 16, 2013
    Topics: Coaching
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    In this ASAPro webinar, U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration representatives will address the respective responsibilities of staffing firms and their clients to ensure the workplace safety of temporary workers. Staffing firms and their clients are encouraged to attend this program. Suggested language is available that you may use to invite your clients. Attachment HandoutsJuly18.pdf… More ›

    1.0 Passive CE Jul 18, 2013
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    In this ASAPro webinar, attorney Mike Rode will provide guidance and steps to help you create enforceable recruiting agreements with your clients. Learn which business terms should always be contained in your recruiting agreements, and which terms often found in clients’ recruiting agreements may prove problematic. This ASAPro webinar will expand on the key issues… More ›

    1.0 Legal CE May 23, 2013
    Topics: Sales Tactics/Methodologies
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    In this ASAPro webinar, staffing industry leader John Thomas demonstrates how to increase your placement-to-hire ratio and reduce turnover all by implementing a strategic, structured interview process that is proven to be a more reliable tool in assessing talent. Attachments Feb. 19 Webinar- Behavioral Based Interviewing.pdf pdf 418 kB Light Industrial BB Interview questions.pdf pdf… More ›

    1 passive CE hour Feb 19, 2013
    Topics: Interviewing
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