New Form I-9 Compliance and Virtual Verification Update



The Department of Homeland Security has just released a new Form I-9 in conjunction with a brand new “Alternative Procedure” to complete Form I-9 verification virtually for certain employers. This is a very exciting development that will drastically change staffing firm onboarding operations. Both of these developments go into effect on August 1, 2023. These announcements also coincide with the end of COVID-19 flexibilities relating to Form I-9 compliance and a deadline of August 30, 2023 to complete physical inspection of Form I-9s that had previously been prepared virtually.

Helen L Konrad, Esq. will break down the changes to the new Form I-9, including the changes to the Form Instructions. Most importantly, she will explain who will be eligible to complete Form I-9 verification virtually going forward, and if eligible, how to implement this change immediately. Lastly, she will advise on how these developments interact with Forms I-9 that were prepared virtually during COVID and have not yet been perfected by physical inspection. In certain circumstances, the employer can avoid physical inspection altogether but will still need to complete a virtual review by August 30, 2023.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • Who is eligible to use the Alternative Procedure of Virtual I-9 Verification
  • What conditions the employer has to satisfy to use the Alternative Procedure
  • How the employer can use virtual verification to perfect certain Form I-9s created virtually during COVID
  • How the employer can perfect Forms I-9 created virtually during COVID if they cannot do so through the Alternative Procedure of virtual verification


Helen KonradHelen Konrad

Director, Immigration Practice Group, McCandlish Holton PC

Konrad is director in the immigration practice group of the law firm McCandlish Holton PC, where she concentrates on work site compliance; defending employers in U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Special Counsel, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigations; and employment-based and professional immigration. She has worked directly with the staffing industry for nearly 20 years and has shared her extensive expertise with staffing professionals at Staffing World, the ASA Staffing Law Conference, and in ASA webinars. Konrad has regularly been recognized as one of the best immigration lawyers in America, and she is consistently one of the highest-rated speakers at ASA events.

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