ASA Stands With Ukraine 

The American Staffing Association supports Ukraine and its people as they fight to turn back the Russian invasion of their country. ASA is contributing to relief efforts to support the ongoing crisis.

As part of its efforts to help the victims of the war, ASA has donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross, which is providing on-the-ground support to victims of the armed conflict.

Ways You Can Help

Are you interested in supporting Ukrainian refugees but unsure how to help? Below is a list of charitable and nonprofit organizations that are working to support Ukrainian relief efforts.

  • International Committee of the Red Cross
    Working closely with the Ukrainian Red Cross Society, this organization has increased its response to the humanitarian needs in Ukraine. Its support includes emergency assistance, such as food, water, and other essential items. It is also supporting hospitals and primary health care facilities with medical equipment and emergency preparedness, repairing water stations, and supporting efforts to repair homes or other dwelling places.
  • United Nations Refugee Agency (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)
    In Ukraine, the UN estimates that there are now at least 1.85 million internally displaced people and an additional 12.65 million people directly affected by the conflict. UNHCR is on the ground assisting those displaced by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine; it provides blankets, sleeping mats, and housing.
  • CARE
    The CARE Ukrainian Crisis Fund is working to provide four million people with necessary supplies, including food, water, hygiene kits, and cash assistance, focusing on the women, families, and elderly affected by the ongoing conflict
  • World Central Kitchen
    WCK is on the ground at seven border crossings from Ukraine, as well as in Ukraine itself, serving hot meals and supplying water to thousands of refugees and victims of the ongoing conflict.

Thank you for your support of those in need.

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