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My Pledge

Thanks for taking the pledge!

Your commitment helps to ensure that temporary and contract employees are both protected and protecting others while we all work together to contain the spread of Covid-19.

This page contains a several resources to help you make good on your pledge and promote these recommended practices within the U.S. staffing and recruiting industry:

  1. Download, read, and share the best practices documents and a safety checklist with your safety and operations staff, and follow the recommendations when creating and implementing back-to-work strategies and plans.
  2. Promote your commitment to this pledge with the available Safely Back to Work graphics that you can use on your website, in your email signature, and more.
  3. Share your pledge to go #SafelyBackToWork to your social networks to ensure that we build awareness within the industry and beyond!

Please take a moment to get your colleagues involved!

Promoting safe practices in the workplace can save lives. Use the hashtag #SafelyBackToWork to help spread the word.


Best Practices

Download the latest protocols and best practices for implementing back-to-work strategies and plans below:

Artwork & Graphics

Show your commitment in your email signature, on your website, or anywhere else as needed.

Email Signatures

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General Purpose Campaign Graphics

Safely Back to Work Logo: PNG | EPS

"We've Taken the Pledge": PNG | EPS

"Take the Pledge": PNG | EPS


ASA recognizes Randstad NV, the Adecco Group, and ManpowerGroup as founding companies of the international alliance of HR service industry players and the World Employment Confederation for leading efforts to share these recommendations on the global stage.

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