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This site provides information for individuals who are interested in becoming a staffing professional, recruiter, or other internal corporate employee for a staffing agency. Tell your friends, professors, and career counselors about the Staffing as a Career website.

Staffing as a Career

For College and University Career Counselors

This professionally designed flyer succinctly describes why new job seekers—students graduating from your institution—should pursue a rewarding career working as a staffing agency corporate employee. Download and print the flyer to have available in your career center and any campus take-one opportunities.

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Want a meaningful and rewarding career that makes a difference in people's lives? Learn more about an exciting career in the growing staffing and recruiting industry.

See What These Professionals Are Saying About Staffing as a Career

“The thing I hear consistently from people on our team is that helping people is why they love what they do. Helping candidates get a job, and often making a huge change or impact on their life and career. And helping clients solve a problem or accomplish something that makes them look good, and that can impact their career success as well.”

—Kristen Harris, CSP, Portfolio Creative

“On many occasions I have said: What we do matters. What we do as staffing professionals makes a difference in people’s lives. The staffing industry is a fantastic industry to have a career in. The future of our industry—and the future leaders who will lead it—is by far the nearest and dearest topic I’ll continue to address as a staffing professional who loves this business.”

—Dan Campbell, CSP, Hire Dynamics

“I’ve always loved the feeling of building something and helping others build something. Recruiting allows me to build my network, build my own market, and build relationships. There are a lot of steps you need to go through in order for a client to accept a candidate and a candidate to accept a job. It’s pretty magical when it happens.”

—Threase Baker, TSC, CSP, ABBTECH Professional Resources

"I love the fact that we are helping people while making a significant impact on the economy, and I have never been bored with my work in this industry. Our work as staffing professionals absolutely makes a difference in people's lives. Work provides purpose, means, direction, opportunity, and it is one of the most significant contributions anyone can make to society."

—Karenjo Goodwin, Exact Staff Inc.

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