ASA Sensitivity Training Series, Part 3: Handling Sexual Harassment Complaints in the WorkplaceM



Despite decades of legal action, sexual harassment remains a real and disturbing threat to many of your employees. The staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions industry must address several issues: What is sexual harassment? What have firms done to address it? Why have organizations failed to effectively combat it? What can firms do to curb bad conduct early on? And what does the future look like? Attendees will learn from old, unsuccessful methods and gain new strategies that they can bring back to their companies.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • What constitutes sexual harassment; i.e. visual, verbal, and physical conduct
  • What are some common forms of sexual harassment
  • How antidiscrimination laws have evolved over time
  • How to document and report misconduct
  • What an employer’s liability is under the Fair Employment and Housing Act
  • Which mechanisms are available for redress within the workplace


David Gabor, partner, The Wagner Law Group

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