Outsourcing Various Functions of Health Care Staffing Firms


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As health care staffing companies realize the workflow and financial benefits of using a third party contractor, a growing number of firms are outsourcing their various health care staffing functions.

However, choosing the right contractor can be one of the most critical decisions for your business, so it’s important to understand what you need and what questions to ask. In this webinar, hear from industry experts Thad Dufelmeier and JoEllen Ryan, from Healthcare Staffing Hire, who leveraged outsourcing to gain a competitive edge. They will provide guidance to help health care staffing firms learn best practices and explore process outsourcing options.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • What different types of databases they could be mining
  • Techniques for effectively searching and filtering candidate data
  • How to create targeted outreach campaigns to reach out to potential candidates
  • Planning for effective conversations


Thaddeus DufelmeierThaddeus Dufelmeier, RN, CCWP

Founder and CEO, Healthcare Staffing Hire

Dufelmeier is a transformational leader with a wealth of business knowledge and experience. He began his career as an entrepreneur in health care staffing in 2007, as the founder and CEO of Theodore Drew & Associates, leading an operation of more than 350 employees and serving more than 150 satisfied health care staffing agencies until its eventual acquisition by Aya Healthcare in December 2021. Dufelmeier is the visionary for HSH and its strategy to become known as the next-generation provider of competencies and nursing contact hours in the health care staffing industry.

JoEllen RyanJoEllen Ryan, MSN, RN

Chief nursing officer, Healthcare Staffing Hire

Ryan, an experienced nurse leader, provides strategic and operational leadership expertise to advance and strengthen Healthcare Staffing Hire’s position in the health care industry. Throughout her career, Ryan has been involved in many professional organizations, serving as a president for ABC Staffing, then a pediatric and pediatric intensive care unit manager. She has been a nursing instructor at Northern Illinois University for more than 20 years, health care staffing and disease-specific reviewer at Joint Commission for 16 years, CNO for Theodore Drew & Associates, and is currently PRN in the pediatric unit at Swedish American Hospital and president of Latortuga Foundation.

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