Marketing and Branding Tactics for Direct Hire Staffing FirmsM


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How are you marketing your direct hire services to clients? Cold calling? Networking? Email? Social media?

Today, there are more ways than ever to connect with clients and candidates, but there’s also more competition for people’s time and attention. How do you break through the clutter and get people interested in working with you?

During this idea-packed webinar, David Searns of Haley Marketing and Tiffany Appleton of Johnson & Hill Staffing Service will show you strategies—beyond cold calling—to attract clients and candidates, the most effective ways to capture people’s interest and attention, tips for creating a brand that separates your firm from the competition, and strategies for managing sales and recruiting calls to maximize responses.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • Best practices in marketing for direct hire firms
  • How to leverage email, social media, and other tools to build a strong brand
  • Proven techniques to make sales calls more effective


David Searns, chief executive officer, Haley Marketing Group Inc.
Tiffany Appleton, director, Johnson & Hill Staffing Services

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