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The American Staffing Association Workforce Monitor survey series focuses on current U.S. workforce trends and issues. Here you can see and download a summary of survey findings and infographics on the results.

Employers Not Meeting Training Expectations of Workers

While 80% of employed U.S. adults consider an employer’s professional development and training offerings an important consideration when accepting a new job, just 39% say their current employer is helping them improve their current skills or gain new skills to do their job better, according to results from the latest American Staffing Association Workforce Monitor® online survey conducted by The Harris Poll between Oct. 28 and Nov. 1, 2021, among a total of 2,042 U.S. adults age 18 and older of whom 1,054 were employed.

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ASA Workforce MonitorNearly half of employed U.S. job seekers (49%) believe AI tools used in job recruiting are more biased than their human counterparts. View the results & download the infographics »
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