National Staffing Employee of the Year

The annual National Staffing Employee of the Year program honors a current or former temporary or contract employee who best exemplifies one or more of the staffing industry's key messages—bridge and flexibility.

The National Staffing Employee of the Year and his or her member agency will be announced to ASA members, the public, and the news media during National Staffing Employee Week, Sept. 16–22 and will be recognized during an award ceremony at Staffing World 2019, Oct. 15-17, in Las Vegas.

ASA also recognizes finalists—if merited—in each industry sector: health care; industrial; office-clerical and administrative; professional-managerial; and engineering, information technology, and scientific.

Watch videos that share the extraordinary success stories of former National Staffing Employee of the Year winners and All-Stars.

Genius Award

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    • If you are so inclined, please provide suggestions on how to improve the process of submitting an entry for this ASA awards program. All feedback is greatly appreciated.


Submissions are now being accepted. The deadline for applications is May 1. Want help in preparing your nomination(s)? Download the tips sheet.

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Star Treatment for Your Staffing Star

Being selected as the ASA National Staffing Employee of the Year is a high honor. These are some of the benefits of winning:

Eligibility Requirements

  • The ASA National Staffing Employee of the Year program is open to active ASA member agencies and branches.
  • Member staffing agencies are free to nominate more than one temporary or contract employee.
  • To qualify for nomination, the temporary or contract employee must have worked through the member agency sometime since May 1, 2018.
  • The nominee must be able to travel to Staffing World 2019, Oct. 15-17, in Las Vegas, for a special recognition ceremony. It is strongly recommended that a representative from the nominator’s company also be available to travel to the convention.
  • ASA must be able to disclose the name of the client company where your nominee works or worked in ASA publications, on the ASA website, and in other promotional materials, including a news release about the National Staffing Employee of the Year, Staffing Success cover story, and via social media. It is the responsibility of your company to gain permission from your client company to disclose its name. Please refrain from nominating an employee if you cannot guarantee that ASA can publish this information.
  • Your staffing agency must confirm that the nominee understands that he or she will serve as a “face” of the staffing industry, and will be required to participate in a photo and video shoot (in his or her hometown) for public relations purposes.

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