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  • The 2016 ASA Staffing Industry Economic Analysis

    How Much Runway Remains?

    How Much Runway Remains? While slowing, the staffing and recruiting industry continues to grow faster than jobs overall and the economy. “We’ve got lots of runway left!” That’s a declaration often made in casual conversations by confident business executives and economists. They are referring to the continued post-recession expansion of the U.S. economy. Now more… More ›

  • The 2015 ASA Staffing Industry Economic Analysis

    Steady Growth Continues

    Steady Growth Continues: Staffing and Recruiting Industry Outpaces the Economy and the Labor Market More than six years since the end of the Great Recession, the U.S. economy has yet to fully recover. While there has been expansion, this long road to recovery has been erratic. And although the jobs lost during the 18-month recession… More ›

  • The 2014 ASA Staffing Industry Economic Analysis

    The Climb Continues

    This analysis, prepared August 2014, provides an overview of the size, scope, and dynamics of the U.S. staffing and recruiting industry. It is intended as a general reference for staffing companies, staffing clients, industry analysts, journalists, and policy makers. More ›

ASA 2023 Staffing Operations Benchmarks Survey

ASA Workforce MonitorMore than three-quarters of employed U.S. adults (79%) are satisfied with their employers’ pandemic-related return-to-work plans. Download the infographic »

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