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  • Firms that prevent employees from reaching full-time status, with the goal of skirting employer obligations under the Affordable Care Act, may be taking on legal risk that goes well beyond the ACA. More ›

  • Available only as part of the study package for the ASA Certified Search Consultant program, Employment Law for Search Consultants is the official study guide for CSC certification, and covers all important search and placement topics, including: Recruiter-client agreements Equal opportunity laws Immigration Reform and Control Act Pre-employment process Applicable state licensing and registration laws… More ›

  • This volume provides the facts and reviews the legal and operational implications of co-employment in critical areas affecting the terms and conditions of employment, such as employee benefits, workers’ compensation, and labor relations. More ›

  • Employment Law for Staffing Professionals is a must-have resource for navigating the many complex issues regarding the legal relationships between staffing firms, the employees they supply, and the clients that use their services. More ›

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    Staffing Law Digest

    Recently Published 2023, Volume 1 Issue Staffing Law DigestM Sorry, the content you’ve selected is for members only. Maybe it’s time to join! Or if you’re already a member, please log in. Join today to get full access to Staffing Success and all ASA publications. ASA brings members a steady flow of valuable information through a…

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    Staffing Success Magazine

    View Past Issues March–April 2023 Issue Staffing Success MagazineM Getting background checks right— whether for temporary, contract, or corporate employees—is critical to your firm’s success, as well as its compliance with the law. More › Getting background checks right— whether for temporary, contract, or corporate employees—is critical to your firm’s success, as well as its…

  • Does your company know what its brand and image are saying to potential temporary and contract employees? Candidates care about who they work for—because your image becomes theirs, too. More ›

  • At the helm of the nation’s largest industrial staffing company, Steve Cooper could very well be considered the best kind of business leader—one with on-the-ground experience as well as trailblazing perspective. More ›

  • The Affordable Care Act and its employer mandates take effect in just a few months—does your firm have a reliable compliance plan in place? Get reliable, industry-specific information fast. More ›

  • We have new hard facts that put a fresh face on a powerful truth about the staffing industry: Temporary and contract work is an effective bridge to permanent employment. Virtually all respondents to the 2014 ASA Staffing Employee Survey said that securing a permanent job was important to them, with half (49%) stating that was… More ›

ASA 2023 Staffing Operations Benchmarks Survey

ASA Workforce MonitorMore than three-quarters of employed U.S. adults (79%) are satisfied with their employers’ pandemic-related return-to-work plans. Download the infographic »

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