ASA Staffing Industry Compensation Survey—Now Closed

The ASA Staffing Industry Compensation Survey provides the only comprehensive view of salaries and compensation in the staffing industry.

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Online reports were open to subscribers through March 31, 2015

Available by subscription only, the exclusive, customizable online reports let you compare your payroll with industry norms. Data are based on peer input and support fiscally sound decisions for 31 positions specific to the staffing industry.

Survey Content

  • Base pay, variable pay, and total cash compensation
  • Lowest and highest paid employee wages; new hire starting pay
  • Turnover rate by position
  • Performance measures used for bonus and incentive plans
  • Components of commission: sales and gross margin
  • Overview of compensation and benefits offerings

Online Report Features

  •  Build your own competitive sets
  • Market wages by median, mean, and percentile statistics
  • Built-in data aging tool for budgeting and forecasting
  • Downloadable reports in MS Word, MS Excel, and PDF formats

Survey Approach and Subscription Benefits

  • Contracted to WageWatch, an independent research firm, to compile the results and ensure confidentiality of individual participant data
  • Subscription to run exclusive custom reports online through March 31, 2015
  • Online access to custom reports at any time
  • WageWatch customer service and consulting team support

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