Pay Inequity in the Staffing Industry—A Panel Discussion With Emerging Leaders, Part Two

November 04, 2021
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In the second part of this two-part webinar series, panelists continue their discussion of pay inequity in the staffing industry. (The first part takes place Thursday, Oct. 28.)

The staffing industry, like many others, faces a challenge: women and people of color generally earn less than white men do for the same work. During this webinar, Henna Pryor with Pryority Group will facilitate a panel discussion including such participants as Eric Gregg of ClearlyRated, an ASA corporate partner—he’ll review data on the pay inequity in the industry, including survey findings that show that pay inequity increases as women rise within the staffing industry. Pryor, Gregg, and emerging leaders in the staffing industry will discuss trends in pay and how the industry can do better to improve the pay gap between men and women in staffing.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • Why pay inequity might exist in the industry, and what emerging leaders can do to combat that as they grow in their career
  • Why pay inequity gets worse as women move into more senior roles
  • How can emerging leaders speak up about pay equity within their firms
  • What responsibility c-suite executives have, and how they can address pay equity within their own firms and what insight can emerging leaders give to their senior executives


Facilitated by: Henna Pryor, founder and trainer, Pryority Group
Panelists: Katie Breault, Year Up Professional Resources
Eric Gregg, CEO, ClearlyRated
Emma Garber, Insight Global
Michele Heyward, PositiveHire
Maggie Williams, Arevo Group