ASA Staffing Tech Demo Series—Matching Technology in Recruiting



As recruiters are expected to manage more and more open positions and move more and more applicants through the process of becoming candidates and hires, matching technology is delivering technologies that can help you hire both faster and smarter. But hundreds of new concepts come to market every year, and it can be overwhelming to sift through a vast ecosystem of matching technology to figure out which products and services can make a difference for your staffing company. In this webinar, tech companies, vetted by Talent Tech Labs, will demonstrate matching technologies—from simple algorithms that run intelligent processes to deep-learning neural networks that truly define artificial intelligence.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How matching technology can empower recruiters to predict a candidate’s success and cultural fit, and provide unprecedented candidate and job intelligence through machine learning and predictive analytics
  • Which technologies support recruiters through sophisticated two-way matching conversations
  • How recruiters can leverage the power of big data to instantly identify priority candidates among active applicants and passive candidates
  • Which technologies can take all your résumés, job listings, matches, and screens and rank candidates so you can focus on the best ones
  • How you can improve your return on investment by leveraging matching technologies for a lower cost per hire, shorter time to fill, and enhanced engagement of the best candidates


Brian Delle Donne, president, Talent Tech Labs
Jonathan Kestenbaum, managing director, Talent Tech Labs

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