ASA How-To Webinar Series, Session 5: Fostering a Safety Culture


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Creating and supporting a safety culture in the workplace is about more than accident prevention. A safety culture is a set of core values and behaviors that emphasize safety as an overriding priority. Each firm has, or should have, its own description of an ideal safety culture, based on its organizational values, that expresses a shared vision regarding appropriate behaviors unsafe acts and conditions, and accident response.

In this 30-minute how-to webinar session, Sharon Pancamo of Elwood Staffing Services and Larry Williams of VIP Staffing will share insights about the importance of developing and implementing a workplace safety culture.

In this webinar, attendees will learn

  • What a safety culture is
  • Why internal safety culture is important
  • How to build and enforce a safety culture at their firm


Sharon Pancamo, occupational safety manager, Elwood Staffing Services

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