Drafting and Implementing Employee Restrictive Covenant Agreements: Best Practices in the Current Climate


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Who Should Attend

Staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions industry professionals


In the midst of the “Great Resignation” and ongoing “war for talent,” it is critical that staffing firms take a fresh look at their restrictive covenant agreements with their internal employees, such as recruiters and account executives. In this webinar, Andrew W. Singer, Esq., and Jason B. Klimpl, Esq., will discuss certain key considerations when drafting restrictive covenant agreements (e.g., noncompetes, client and candidate nonsolicitation agreements, etc.) to best ensure enforceability and protect staffing firms’ legitimate business interests.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • The general contract law requirements that must be met to ensure that a contract is legally enforceable
  • Best practices for drafting restrictive covenant agreements
  • Practical considerations when entering into restrictive covenants with internal employees


Andrew W. Singer, Esq., managing partner, Tannenbaum Helpern
Jason B. Klimpl, Esq., partner, Tannenbaum Helpern; general counsel, New York Staffing Association

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