Competing in the Gig Economy



Some business leaders see the gig economy as a threat to the future of staffing, but others understand that’s it’s driving a shift in hiring they can leverage to remain not only relevant, but also highly competitive. These firms are gaining market share, boosting profitability, and attracting more top talent.

In this session, staffing industry consultant Scott Wintrip will share insights from his new book, High Velocity Hiring: How to Hire Top Talent in an Instant, which decodes what’s driving changes in how companies acquire temporary and full-time talent. He’ll explain how you can apply these tactics, along with research and case studies from his book and his work as an adviser to firms across the globe.

In this webinar attendees, will learn:

  • Why the on-demand economy is driving innovations in hiring
  • The seven principles of the on-demand economy and how to apply each to remain relevant and competitive
  • How to manage the flow of talent to compete in the gig economy, and how to improve and sustain a robust flow of quality candidates
  • The biggest mistakes firms are making in adapting to the changing market, and how to avoid them
  • Five powerful methods that staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions professionals are using to sell more and close faster


Scott Wintrip, PCC, founder, Wintrip Consulting Group

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