Second-Chance Hiring: Creating Opportunities for Candidates


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It is estimated that 70–100 million men and women in the U.S. have a criminal record—and with many employers reluctant to hire an individual with a criminal history, nearly one in three individuals will struggle to obtain meaningful employment. In recent years, many companies have changed their hiring practices to stop excluding people with criminal records and instead give them a second chance at employment. Building these pathways for the formerly incarcerated can help not only those individuals, but also can help your company address its workforce needs. The research is clear: Most employers say that workers with criminal records perform just as well as or better than other employees. Addressing stigmas can lead to more understanding and inclusive workplaces.

In this webinar, Teresa Katubig of HireLevel, Amelia Nickerson of First Step Staffing, a US Chamber Presenter Glenn Spencer, and Brittany Sakata of ASA will explore the benefits of second-chance staffing and discuss the success stories of second-chance candidates.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • What the statistics say about formerly incarcerated individuals’ barriers to employment
  • How to become a second-chance employer
  • How becoming a second-chance employer can benefit your firm
  • US Chamber policy initiatives for second chance hiring


Teresa Katubig, president and chief executive officer, HireLevel
Amelia Nickerson, chief executive officer, First Step Staffing
Brittany Sakata, associate general counsel, American Staffing Association
Glenn Spencer, senior vice president, employment policy division, US Chamber of Commerce

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