Demonstrate Your Commitment to Worker Safety: Be a Trusted Partner and Employer of Choice



Across a range of industries, business leaders—your clients and prospective clients—are adopting a “safety management system” approach to safeguarding employees and their bottom line. They’re looking at safety as an integral part of operations, spanning all aspects of their enterprise. Staffing companies can leverage this opportunity by demonstrating leadership and a commitment to workplace safety issues.

Designed by the American Staffing Association and the National Safety Council, the Safety Standard of Excellence® program is a powerful differentiator for your staffing company in an increasingly competitive marketplace. When your company earns the Safety Standard of Excellence mark, you demonstrate that standards are in place to foster safety for temporary workers, that your company is committed to worker well-being, and that you are a trusted employer.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • What a safety management system is and how it can improve your firm’s productivity and competitiveness
  • The key elements of a successful staffing firm SMS
  • The value of the Safety Standard of Excellence mark and how to earn it


Amy K. Harper, PhD, CSP, SMS, director of workplace strategy & consulting operations, National Safety Council
Tracy R. Rettie, CAE, vice president, education and strategic initiatives, American Staffing Association

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