Developing the Ideal Compensation Structure for RecruitersM



Whether your staffing company is a large commercial firm or a small niche agency, having a creative compensation program for your recruiters is critical to their commitment and your company’s success.

Should your firm pay recruiters based on gross profit production or activities? Should you reward both lead and lag indicators? There are many options, and ASA has conducted research on corporate employee salaries and benefits in the staffing industry. In this webinar, find out what the data indicate and get ideas about how to develop creative compensation plans for your recruiters.

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • Where to find staffing industry compensation benchmarks based on ASA research
  • How to use various gross profit production commission models
  • How to implement an activity-based commission structure
  • When and how to follow a direct hire validation model


Tom Kosnik, president, Visus Group
Cynthia Davidson, senior director, research, American Staffing Association

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