Embracing On-Demand Talent Innovation in Your Staffing Strategy



Reserach shows that 66% of multinational companies expect talent shortages to affect their bottom line in the next five years. At the same time, the World Economic Forum predicts that recruitment will be a lot more challenging in the next five years across all industries. How do business leaders address this gap in talent?

New technologies have emerged to address talent shortages by enabling real-time talent sourcing that allows staffing businesses to find and hire the best talent in the world. The most notable and innovative solutions have come from online talent platforms and freelancer management systems. But what are the implications of these emerging technologies? How do they integrate with current systems and processes?

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • How businesses are embracing on-demand talent innovation as a core part of their sourcing strategy
  • How mangers can leverage the talent marketplace to fill critical information technology, marketing, and sourcing skills gaps
  • What metrics to use to measure success of an on-demand sourcing program
  • How new technologies will affect existing sourcing systems and processes


Eric Gilpin, senior vice president of sales, Upwork

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