Think Like a Developer Tech Series, Part III: Establish Credibility With Technical Hiring ManagersM


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If it only takes seven seconds to make a first impression, then you don’t have a lot of time to establish your credibility as a recruiter. How can you optimize conversations with technical hiring managers to ensure they have confidence in your abilities to help them recruit top technical talent? Just as important, how can you facilitate those conversations so you get the information you need to be able to recruit the right candidate the first time and therefore deliver on your promises?

In this session, Alison Daley of Recruiting Innovation will walk you through the three essential steps to establishing credibility and explain how you can lead effective conversations with technical clients and hiring managers.

This is the third webinar in a series meant to help technical recruiters relate to technical professionals. Once you’ve gained a basic understanding of how technical talent thinks, you can adapt those methods for communicating with technical professionals, leveraging the tools of the software development life cycle in your technical recruiting process.

During this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How to optimize conversations with technical hiring managers
  • How to apply software development process methodologies to conversations with technical hiring managers
  • How to facilitate a systematic approach to conversations with technical hiring managers


Alison Daley, founder and chief executive officer, Recruiting Innovation

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