Greens to Jeans—Helping Veterans Transition Into the Civilian Workforce



The number of veterans transitioning out of the military and entering the civilian workforce is expected to grow significantly over the next few years. The staffing Industry is positioned perfectly to help these veterans successfully transition into the civilian workforce.

This webinar will help explain some of the issues that veterans face when first entering the civilian workforce and help expand staffing professionals’ understanding of certain military lingo and paperwork. Veteran Ben Keen, founder of Steel City Vets and the 2016 National Staffing Employee of the Year, will discuss how the staffing industry can help transitional veterans translate their military skills into skills that are relevant to the civilian workforce and how military forms can be used to develop effective résumés.

During this webinar, attendees will

  • How to identify key issues affecting transitioning veterans
  • What issues veterans are facing when it comes to civilian employment
  • How military work history can be applied to the civilian sector
  • How military paperwork applies to the civilian workforce


Ben Keen, executive director, Steel City Vets

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