Millennials: The New Face of the Workforce



Millennials now make up 51% of the U.S. sales workforce, and they are quickly climbing in every other sector. The playing field has shifted rapidly from what seasoned coaches, managers, and executives are accustomed to. And the clichéd ping pong table and keg-in-the-kitchen office environment won’t attract the talent and success you’re hoping for.

Your millennial strategy is either in line for your team to win, or it’s set up for your firm to get left behind. You must be equipped with an intricate understanding of these new players on your team: How do they see themselves in the professional world? How do they interpret the world around them? What motivates or discourages them? How can I get them to operate in a functioning, high performance team?

During this webinar, attendees will learn

  • Who Millennials are, directly from a Millennial himself
  • Why misconceptions exist around Millennials
  • How to attract, engage, work with, and lead Millennials


Josh Mastel, founder, The Unentitled Project

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